We work with food distributors, large and small, throughout the country and understand the importance of having a partner who can deliver quality poultry products consistently.

Perhaps you’re looking for a solution you can own. Or maybe you need to know about the latest culinary trends. Whether you’re part of a single or multi-unit restaurant chain, in hospitality or in business & industry, we have the breadth of assortment and distribution capabilities to fulfill your needs and are always looking for ways to maximize our relationship with you.

Our ability to deliver quality products consistently and our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit have helped us build long-term relationships with our partners.


Our diverse portfolio includes a variety of wellness-inspired products that accommodate cafeteria, in-room, restaurant-style and à la carte options to support all of your healthcare needs. We can help provide you with products based on a multitude of dietary needs such as low sodium, all natural and more. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll work to create a solution that fits your needs.


We know that managing tight budgets while nourishing America’s future is not an easy task. We offer a range of products, including a variety of breaded and grilled CN approved offerings, that provide students the nutrition they need and the delicious flavor they love, whether they’re K-12 or at the university level.



In the restaurant industry, the quality of the menu sets you apart.

Speed and customization are our specialties. We have the ability to respond quickly to opportunities your business may encounter, and we can develop new products to meet changing needs and trends within the food industry without delay. We provide consistent flavor and quality by working with our expert R&D team to transfer your proprietary recipes from the test kitchen to production scale. We understand how important it is to have a partner that can provide quality products consistently.



We’re here to help bring the vision you have for your deli to life. We work with deli directors and store personnel every day and know how to take advantage of the unique opportunities you encounter.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect solution—one that’s designed specifically for your deli, both hot and cold. Based on your input and needs, along with our expertise, we’ll customize a solution that works for you, utilizing our best-in-class supply chain capabilities and industry trends.

At Koch Foods, we create customized solutions for our customers, and we provide consistent, quality products to ensure your success.


As a vertically integrated poultry processing company, we offer a complete line of bone-in and boneless commodity chicken parts. If you need help securing commodity parts, please reach out to us directly.